Phra Rajadhammavidesh’s Message

  • Phra Rajadhammavidesh’s Message: Oct. 2017

    Phra Rajadhammavidesh’s Message: Oct. 2017

    Not available in English - บุญทอดกฐิน นับเป็นทานสมัยที่ทุกคนต่างตั้งใจรอคอย เพราะชาวพุทธทั้งหลายนิยมว่าเป็นการทำบุญที่มีผลอานิสงส์อันไพศาล และมีอานิสงส์อันยิ่งใหญ่หากผู้ใดได้มีบุญ เป็นเจ้าภาพหรือได้ร่วมอนุโมทนาร่วมองค์กฐินแล้ว เกิดชาติหน้าภพใดก็จะได้ประสบแต่สิ่งที่ปรารถนา | read more »

Upcoming Events

  • Songkran Festival

    Songkran Festival

    Event Date: Saturday-Sunday, April 14-15 | Start Time: 10AM -- Please join us for the annual traditional Thai New Year celebration or Songkran Day happening on Saturday-Sunday, April 14-15. The celebration promises to be a wonderful day full of Thai traditional activities, as well as Thai classical dance and music performances by student of Wat Buddhanusorn Sunday School. | read more »
  • Visakha Puja Day

    Visakha Puja Day

    Event Date: Sunday, May 27 | Start Time: 10AM -- Join us in celebrating Visakha Puja Day on Sunday, May 27. Activities include an alms round, offerings to monks, listening to the Buddha’s teachings, group chanting, and a candle procession in reverance of the Lord Buddha. | read more »
  • Asalaha Puja Day – Buddhist Lent

    Asalaha Puja Day – Buddhist Lent

    Event Date: Sunday, July 29 | Start Time: 10AM -- Asalha Puja celebrates the three important events in Buddhism; the Buddha’s first sermon (Dhamma-cakkappavattana Sutta), Venerable Anna-Kondanna became the First Noble Disciple of the Buddha and the Triple Gem of Buddhism (i.e. The Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha) was established in the world. | read more »


News & Annoucements

  • California’s Thai High School Senior Students Scholarship Opportunity

    California’s Thai High School Senior Students Scholarship Opportunity

    Many scholarships are available to high school students. The trick is knowing how to find them. We hope this page will introduce you to one of the scholarships available and that they will lead you to great opportunities for a successful future. | read more »
  • AmazonSmile – Triple the Donation on your first order!

    AmazonSmile – Triple the Donation on your first order!

    We are excited to tell you about a new AmazonSmile promotion. Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible purchase from March 12-31. This is a great opportunity to increase Wat Buddhanusorn's AmazonSmile donations by shop online at | read more »
  • Employee Matching Donation

    Employee Matching Donation

    Did you know that many employers match funds donated by their employees to Wat Buddhanusorn? That means your $500 gift could become a $1,000 gift. Find out how you can best leverage your gift and help support Wat Buddhanusorn charity. | read more »
  • My Charity at AmazonSmile

    My Charity at AmazonSmile

    Did you know that you can support our charitable organization by starting your shopping at | read more »

Classes & Workshops

  • Children Ethics Class

    Children Ethics Class

    Upcoming Session: Sunday, March 18 at 9:30 a.m. | Children ethic class at Wat Buddhanusorn is a 45-minute session aims to help transmit and instill Buddhist and Thai ethic to children. Not open to the public. | read more »
  • Children Buddhism Class

    Children Buddhism Class

    Upcoming Session: Saturday, March 17 -This children Buddhism class introduces children to simple Buddha's teachings in English. Free of charge. Open to the public. Everyone is welcome! | read more »
  • Adult Basic English Conversations Class

    Adult Basic English Conversations Class

    Wat Buddhanusorn Sunday School offers Thai adult the opportunities to learn basic English conversations. Class starts now! | read more »
  • Thai Classical Instruments Summer Workshop

    Thai Classical Instruments Summer Workshop

    Class dates: July 5-August 11, 2018 - Thai Cultural Council of Fremont with the support of Department of Cultural Promotion, Ministry of Culture, Thailand and the College of Dramatic Arts, Bangkok present a Thai Music Summer Workshop 2018 by two music specialists from Thailand. | read more »

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