Thai Language Summer Camp 2019

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Youth Thai Language Summer Camp

Course InformationCourse EnrollmentClass ScheduleBeginning LevelIntermediate LevelAdvance LevelFinal Evaluation Criteria

2019 Course Information

  • Start Date: Monday, June 10
  • End Date: Friday, August 16
  • Graduation Date: TBD
  • Course Fee: $250 (Space is limited.)

How To Enroll

Registration for the Summer 2017 course will open on the dates indicate below:

  1. Apply in person
    • Enrollment Dates
      • Youth course: Sunday, June 9
      • Adult Course: Sunday, July 9 (the first day of the class)
    • Location: Wat Buddhanusorn
  2. Apply via Email
    If you are unable to apply in person, please submit the school registration form via email to:
School Registration Form

Class Schedule

  • Day: Monday-Friday except for holidays
  • Time: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
    • Drop off no earlier than 7 a.m.
    • Pick-up no later than 5 p.m.

Beginning Level

  • The students will learn alphabets, vowels, and articulate sounds.
  • Learn to identify letters, short and long vowels, and simple words through alphabet pictures, flashcards, fun games, and music which reflect Thai tradition and culture.
  • Motivate students to learn through fun practice in matching words with pictures, phonics spelling, and vocabulary through story and poems.
  • Practice tracing letters, vowels, and special marks. Learn the distinction between five tones and practice producing sound repeatedly.
  • Encourage students in conversation and pronouncing simple phrases through singing, dancing, and show & tell.

Intermediate Level: Grade 1-3

  • This class will practice conversation, reading and writing skills, including; vocabulary enhancements and reading comprehension through picture books.
  • Practice composition and creative writing.
  • Pronunciation practice of words within sentences.
  • Speak effectively using languages, the style of tone, and social manners, appropriate to the situations and audiences.
  • Learn manners of speaking and listening.
  • Learn how to put words in the right order and form sentence structure.

Advanced Level: Grade 4-6

  • The advanced level emphasizes overall reading comprehension and advanced writing.
  • Encourage students to frequently read, pronounce words clearly and comprehend more complex sentence patterns and texts.
  • Emphasize the use of daily conversation and appropriate vocabulary to specific situations.
  • Practice writing grammatically correct sentences and use of appropriate words.
  • Learn advanced vocabulary, meaning, spelling and pronunciation.
  • Use descriptive vocabulary and proper spelling in written form.
  • Use critical listening and viewing skills in various situations and for a variety of purposes.

Final Evaluation Criteria

  • 60% – Class attendance (at least 60% of total teaching time)
  • 20% – Final exam
  • 80% – Evaluation of classroom activities and class assignments

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