We do not “share” your information

The Wat Buddhanusorn  does not intentionally disclose, share, sell, or trade information about your individual visits to our Website or any personal information that you may give us such as your name, address, email address or telephone number, to or with any outside companies or organizations without your express permission.

We verify your email address

We will verify that you have given us a functioning email address by sending a confirmation message to you at that address. You must respond to that message before your profile can be used and before we will send any newsletters to you. You may choose not to subscribe to our newsletters (called “opting-out”), but you may not opt-out of administrative communications dealing with your account information – these will be sent to all email addresses on file.

Established relationships

If you register, and/or become a sponsor, associate, donor or establish a business relationship with us, or if you ask us to add you to our systems, we may add your email and address information without using the email verification process, and we may contact you by email or send newsletters unless you ask us not to do so.


Because we request personally-identifiable information, such as (but not limited to) your email address, and to conform to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States, we require that all registrants be at least 13 years old.


The Wat Buddhanusorn web site uses cookies, a browser technique which allows our server to recognize you and to retrieve your information for you when you visit our web site. All access to our web site is either public (with no cookies required), or restricted in which case your browser must accept cookies so we can confirm you have registered, and safeguard your confidential information. If you choose not to accept cookies, many parts of our web site may not be available for your use.

Confidentiality of information

We take professionally-prudent precautions to ensure that our registrants’ information is not compromised, but cannot guarantee that it will never be discovered or released accidentally or by malicious actions of other parties. Consequently, we try to minimize the amount of your personal information which is stored online. Be aware that as a California (United States) not-for-profit (501(c)3) corporation we may also be subject to federal or state laws requiring the disclosure of information to government agencies. If anonymity is important to you, do not give us confidential or personally-identifiable information. This caution applies both to online (world wide web) pages and to email communications you may have with Wat Buddhanusorn staff or volunteers.


When you use PayPal, you are using a third-party service and their privacy policies will apply to your transaction. Wat Buddhanusorn does not receive, retain, or have access to your credit card or checking account numbers. See PayPal online PayPal privacy policy page for related information.

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