A Friendly Reminder: Misc. Items Donation

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For all members who would like to donate or visit Wat:
  • Preferred Items for donation:
    • paper plate 8.5″-8.75″(no foam please)
    • paper cups for hot drink 5-12 oz (no foam please)
    • paper bowls 12-20 oz (no foam please)
    • plastic forks and spoons(no knife please, no one use them and become waste)
    • paper towel and napkins
    • Sensodyne toothpaste (monks have sensitive teeth)
    • 8.5×11″ white copy paper.
  • Fremont is very conservative: please separate garbage, compostable items, and water bottles to the right bins, we have big posters at all garbage cans. Please read carefully or the monks have to separate garbage every evening to avoid a $500 fine. 
  • Please email info@watbuddha.org to see if we can use any big stuff or used appliances before dropping them off, we have to pay the garbage company to take them. 
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