Thanks for Making a Difference

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Every dollar counts; your participation in the Wat Buddhanusorn Fundraising will help fund Wat Renovation and construction of the new building to increase parking spaces, get monks’ housing and meet current regulations, and get the commercial kitchen and school building to better serve our members and community.

Double your donations with one easy step. Did you know that when you donate to Wat Buddhamnusorn, your employer may match your contribution? Many companies match charitable contributions dollar-for-dollar. It’s quite possible yours does, which means you’ll give twice as much to help our temple and the community.

Spread the word! Let your friends, family, and neighbors know about company-matching gifts. Once they donate, they must ask their HR department if they have a matching gift program. It’s that simple.

Share your story. We all love a good story. Tell others why you participate and explain how your efforts make a difference. Keep your social networks updated with new pictures and postings, and share your fundraising ideas to help inspire others.

Fundraising Questions? Contact us at

Thanks for all you are doing!

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