Dhamma Lesson By Ajahn Cha: April 2015

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Sensual desire is something hard to escape from. It’s no different from eating meat and getting a piece of meat stuck in your teeth. Boy, does it hurt! Even before you finish the meal, you have to take a toothpick to get it out. Once it’s out, you feel relieved for awhile and you don’t want to eat meat anymore. But when more meat comes your way, another piece gets stuck in your teeth. You take it out again and you feel relieved again. That’s all there is to sensual desire: nothing more than a piece of meat stuck in your teeth. You feel agitated and unsettled, and then you get it out of your system in whatever the way. You don’t understand what it’s all about. It’s crazy!

Venerable Ajahn Cha

Resource: Book “In Simple Terms”  Translated from Thai to English by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

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